By Kim Hyde

Users who have recently upgraded their Vault Professional to the latest 2019 version and have tried using a customised Vault Report Template created in a previous release have probably been frustrated by the following error message:



Basically, Autodesk has upgraded the version of Vault Report `rdlc’ files for the 2019 release.  Although the out-of-the-box reports supplied with the latest release work fine, those created using a previous version will result with this error being displayed.


The following step-by-step guide provides an upgrade path to migrate any legacy rdlc Report Template.

Step 1

You will need to source, download and install Visual Studio 2015.  I have provided a link below and highlighted the Visual Studio Community 2015 with Update 3 which worked fine for me!


The installation is straight forward, but please note this can take a while depending on the speed of your PC.

Once installed use the `Launch’ button to start the program, but then close again after the initial run so that the following additional tool can be added to the application via Control Panel > Programs and Features (Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools):


Step 2

Using Notepad or Notepad ++, edit the legacy report rdlc file and change the report version from 2 to 3, then save and close the file (see below):


Step 3

Start Visual Studio 2015 and open the rdlc file, then select OK to migrate the version:




Save the file to complete the process.

The report should now work fine inVP2019.

Happy Vaulting!


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